Homes in Sioux Falls, SD:

  • 1600 S. Frederick Drive
  • 2108 S. Cliff Ave.
  • 2208 S. Sherman Ave.
  • 2413 S. Carter Place

Two 8 plex buildings in Sioux Falls, SD:

  • 3309 S. Jefferson Ave.
  • ​3313 S. Jefferson Ave.


Office Buildings



All leased

All leased

Office building in Brandon, SD:

  • 204 - 216 E. Holly Blvd.
  • 220 - 228 E. Holly Blvd.
  • 236 - 238 E. Holly Blvd.

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Cabin - Sturgis, SD:

All leased 

Thank you for your interest in our properties.  With 20 years of experience in the real estate industry, Leonard, LLP has just the property for you.  Whether you are in need of a house, apartment, office space, or just a place to 'decompress', we have what you need.